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Welcome to our Canntab family!

We recently announced a historical agreement with First Nations Leaders to address the opiate and illicit drug crisis affecting indigenous peoples across Canada. Led by the Tabobondung family and Chief Adam Pawis of the Shawanaga First Nation , we have begun a collaborative effort to provide specific opiate alternatives and general wellness solutions for a number of health issues and ailments including pain, inflammation,anxiety, sleep and arthritis to name a few .

At the outset we respected and admired the life long effort and dedication by the Tabobondung family to contributing “ to the betterment of the Anishinaabe People”.

Quite apparent is this mantra to be consistent with Chief Pawis and many of his fellow Chiefs, council members and Health officials as we embark on our collective mission on initiatives for the betterment of your health. We strongly believe working together can continue the legacy of work for further generations and will include all four colours in the medicine wheel.

Our patented proprietary pharmaceutical grade of CBD and THC come in a solid exact dosage pill or caplet , like traditional pill formats that are easy to swallow. So many benefits over other formats including odour and taste free, vegan and gluten free, our product is made with the highest quality full spectrum plant that includes all the incipients to formulate an effective faster and sustaining therapeutic solution.

We are a Health Canada licensed producer, manufacturing in Markham Ontario with oversight of the highest standards of quality control. Our formulations include Instant Release and Timed Release for multiple or daily doses per day. We will soon introduce an innovative Oral Dissolvable Pill that will melt in seconds. All our formats have long shelf life, no leaky capsules or oils, no bad taste or odour, just like you would expect from any prescription or over the counter medications sold in Canadian pharmacies .
Think of our product as the “Tylenol” of Cannabis.

We have provided this special Web Portal for First Nations community members which will facilitate product information, easy registration and ordering, access to information about the development of strategies and solutions and what’s in the news.

We are pleased to provide a virtual on line clinic for on-line consultation and prescribing our medical cannabis with a licensed nurse practitioner who has had resident experience on a First Nation community in northern Ontario.
We take our commitment to understanding your needs, culture and lifestyles and commit to personalized service.

We are very excited we have been acknowledged as a medical Cannabis Industry Leader within the First Nations communities and their leadership.
Never to be taken for granted the opportunity in our time of Reconciliation we are honoured and proud to be friends and corporate partners of the Anishinabek.

This web portal is filled with information and if you ever have any questions all of us at Canntab are available at your call. We look forward to a long healthy alliance.

Larry Latowsky
(416) 458-6491

Indigenous Plant-Based Healing

Canada’s forests have long played an integral role in supporting the lives of Aboriginal people, meeting their physical, cultural, material, and spiritual needs. Traditional knowledge related to medicinal plants has been instrumental in the survival and wellbeing of Aboriginal people for thousands of years.

Through millennia of trial and error, indigenous peoples’ have gained substantial knowledge of plant-based medicines medicinal plant knowledge that has been transmitted from generation to generation as part of traditional Aboriginal peoples’ oral communications. Many today have a hard time understanding First Nations traditional healing and medicinal plants for natural health and better wellness. It is hard for many in the “western” world to understand the traditionally natural relationship that has developed and continues to grow today between mother earth, plant-based medicines and the Anishinaabe.

Indigenous Medicinal plants have been used in traditional health care systems since prehistoric times and are still an essential health care source for a vast majority of the population around the world. It is estimated that 70-80% of people worldwide rely on traditional plant and herbal medicines to meet their primary health care needs.

A Natural Way to Heal

Anishinaabe peoples’ believe plants have a living spirit, where the spirit of those plants stays in the medicine, where every individual is different, every remedy is different and because specific next generation alternative healthy solutions work for specific people with particular health ailments. Indigenous healing goes to the source of the problem, not to the symptoms.

Indigenous Holistic Health is a balance of four wellness elements, physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual. First Nation peoples’ have a long history of using indigenous or natural native plants for a wide variety of plant-based medicinal purposes. Medicinal
plants and their plant-based medicinal applications are as diverse as the indigenous peoples’ who use them.

Sometimes sickness can also be caused by an imbalance within a person.

Indigenous Healing ultimately comes from the Creator, with the lighting of smudge, the holding of the sacred eagle feather in prayer, with the added plant-based sacred medicines, sacred pipes, and everything the Anishinaabe carry in their bundles, that’s
where the strength of the medicines comes from, from those natural living plants, from Mother Earth, and the Creator combined.

We are all a part of creation, a part of everything where there is this interrelatedness of all things, of all creation, where everything has life. We are one and related to all living things, all beings, and all peoples’. It is the Anishinaabe way.

A subtle distinction between the terms ‘traditional healing’ compared to the actual use of traditionalplant-based medicines where the core of ‘traditional healing’ was said to be or attaining spiritual ‘connectedness’, in which there were many stated ways for
developing this to have a strong physical body and mind. In essence, this ‘connectedness’ could be with or without the actual use of what we would call a ‘medicine’ in Western terms, achieved instead through being in harmony with the natural environment, through fasting, prayer, and meditation, and with the use of actual ‘traditional medicines’ that often-included plant and herb-based natural medicines.

A Legacy of Wisdom

Canada is home to several hundred thousand Aboriginal peoples’ who have been using medicinal plants in traditional health care for thousands of years.

Traditional medicine among Aboriginal peoples’ is based on oral tradition transmitted through several generations. It is a cultural
phenomenon, dynamic and adaptive, like language and other cultural manifestations.

The holistic approach of Aboriginal healing systems involves spirituality and an intimate connection to Mother Earth, the natural
environment and the land that includes natural plant-based medicines. Aboriginal communities possess traditional knowledge that contributes to a broader understanding of native natural plant species, many of which have yet to be studied by “western” scientists.

A Partnership Built on Respect

Canntab Therapeutics proudly supports Indigenous Peoples’ of Canada through great respect. Respect that embodies a sense of humility in working with First Nations and Inuit leaders and their community Health Directors and selected health department personnel in providing First Nations and Inuit individual community members with next-generation healthy alternative solutions that address day to day better health and Elders pain-free living chronic health conditions while respecting the Anishinaabek traditional way of life. Respect that includes helping to contribute to the safeguarding of traditional knowledge regarding associated plant-based medicines and indigenous culture while acknowledging Aboriginal peoples’ connection to the land and Mother Earth.

Canntab Therapeutics understands community health and wellness involves strong community networks of people who participate in the process of healing and healthy living within their own Indigenous and Inuit communities across Canada. These strong community networks strive every day to help fellow community members and facilitate the general wellbeing of community in promoting one circle of general wellbeing wholeness. Canntab Therapeutics is a proud corporate “friend of the Anishinaabek” in fostering strong working relationships between “traditional plant-based indigenous medicines” and next-generation
“western medicine technologies.”

Canntab takes great pride in being instrumental in the promotion of next-generation Indigenous Holistic Mental Health, Education and Pre-Care After-Care Healing Programs (“Indigenous Health”) that includes the Anishinaabek Opiate Alternative Solutions offering of Canntab’s Health Canada approved next-generation better health products. (“Canntab’s Opiate Solutions”)

Worth a Second Look

Although cannabis has been taboo for many moons, the scientific and medical communities have started only recently to realize the newfound healthy human potentials and whole health benefits of medical cannabis for better living. Cannabis has been a natural and better health plant of indigenous peoples’ since the beginning of time.

Today, the healthy benefits of medical cannabis are just now starting to be realized by all peoples’ in search of optimum and better pain-free health. Medical Cannabis today is fast becoming the medicine of choice, mainly due to its safety, effectiveness, and natural plant origins of more than a thousand years.

Nature has provided the world with plant-based alternative solutions to take charge ‘of your better day-to-day health and pain-free living. Canntab Therapeutics offers easy access to next-generation better health alternative solutions dedicated to indigenous peoples’ of Canada in providing all peoples’ with industry-leading alternative healthy solutions to patented, premium, precision, pharmaceutical-grade, convenient, exact dosage hard pill medical cannabis.

Canntab is proud to provide indigenous peoples’ of Turtle Island easy access to a specific First Nations-Inuit community onboarding web portal for community members easy access to next-generation healthy alternative solutions for discreet, no smell, no smoking, no taste, human consumption safe. Canntab Therapeutics strives to remain ahead of the Medical Cannabis industry curve in producing patented, pharmaceutical-grade, solid dose instant and extended-release oral tablets that provide dignified access and First Nations-Inuit community preferred pricing.

History of Healing

There are nearly 500 chemical compounds found within a mature, flowering cannabis plant.

Of those, more than 100 cannabinoids have been identified. Pharmaceutical grade medical cannabis is known to help many health ailments, that include historical First Nations-Inuit traditional plant-based health remedies for Elders and Seniors that include body pains, diabetes, autism, arthritis, chronic pain, back pain, body soreness, inflammation, multiple sclerosis, nausea, vomiting due to cancer treatments, multiple sclerosis, ALS, sleep, stress, anxiety, depression, weight loss, epilepsy, glaucoma, irritable bowel syndrome, Crohn’s, ulcerative colitis, muscle contractions, fatigue, fibromyalgia, endometriosis, interstitial cystitis, PTSD – post-traumatic disorder, alcoholism and addictions.

This is not an inclusive list, but rather a brief presentation of healthy, historical Anishinaabe-based knowledge of plant-based traditional medicines and new generation western medical cannabis alternative healthy solutions for some types of conditions for which medical cannabis can provide natural relief.

Part of the medical cannabis allure is that it is safer than opiates, non-addictive, and impossible to overdose when using. Seniors also find Canntab’s next-generation oral tablet medical cannabis alternative solutions non-invasive and convenient to consume while comforting knowing that each tablet is precisely the same exact dosage, helping to make day-to-day healthy, pain-free living a reality for many Elders.

Many individuals embrace medical cannabis as their medicine of choice for today’s next generation of better day-to-day pain-free, healthy living. Should you have any questions or simply want to learn more about Canntab Therapeutics and medical cannabis, please feel free to contact Canntab Therapeutics at your convenience.

The Future of Medical Cannabis

Canntab Therapeutics is a Health Canada Canadian-Licensed cannabis company producing the only pharmaceutical grade solid, exact dosage, oral medical cannabis tablet in both instant and extended-release formulations. Canntab patented technology, and best-in-class quality assurance processes deliver a premium, exact-dosage alternative healthy solutions product every time.

People everywhere face difficult choices when treating their chronic health conditions, and currently, where available cannabis options today can have troubling side effects.

At Canntab, we make the therapeutic potential of medical cannabis available to those who are seeking alternative therapies for their body pain and other chronic health conditions.

Current delivery mechanisms such as smoking or vaping cannabis, consuming edibles, gel caps, oils, and tincture (droppers) do not provide the medical community, including doctors, patients, or the average consumer, with an attractive or truly medical cannabis

Smoking cannabis results in a large initial dose of the drug, followed by a steep sensation drop. Edibles are slow to commence or subside. Our patented proprietary processes allow us to create exact-dosage hard pill medical cannabis formulations that start with cannabis oil in water emulsions, a unique process within the medical cannabis industry to date.

The resulting proprietary hard pill cannabinoid formulations provide doctors, patients, and consumers with exact-dosage medical-grade solutions that incorporate all the features one would expect from any prescription or over-the-counter medication sold in
pharmacies worldwide.

Lending a Healing Hand

Canntab Therapeutics is committed to serving next-generation Medical Cannabis better health needs of indigenous peoples’ throughout Turtle Island.

Not a small undertaking, however, an important one as a corporate friend of the Anishinaabe operating with commitment proudly embedded within Canntab’s corporate strategy moving forward into the next generation of indigenous peoples’ medical cannabis
better health, and that leads to day-to-day pain-free living, regardless of First Nations and Inuit community remoteness or northern geographical locations.

Canntab has a sincere and strong interest in working with First Nations and Inuit communities commencing with the creation of an indigenous-led, “Opiate Eradication Strategy” and “First Nations-Inuit next generation medical cannabis “Better Health and Wellness Community Program”, created to accomplish and address several indigenous priorities, and goals to enhance
and improve First Nations – Inuit community centred better health and wellness.

Canntab provides dedicated, dignified, and easy access to next-generation medical cannabis education and proprietary exact dosage pill products to help enhance day-to-day pain-free living for Elders in every community. Canntab next-generation medical cannabis alternative healthy solution products also reduce community member dependency on opioids and other harmful
drugs that carry the undesirable side effects they do.

Canntab Therapeutics will provide dedicated administrative, and support staff to inter-face and train appointed First Nations–Inuit community Health Director’s and leadership approved health personnel for coordinated indigenous peoples’ web-portal onboarding registrations. Canntab will also provide professional industry professionals to conduct training that includes First Nations-Inuit input, guidance, and compassionate cultural sensitivity in providing dignified onboarding registration through the First Nations – Inuit online web-portal at;

Canntab Therapeutics provides First Nations-Inuit peoples’ with preferred pricing, administration, and support staff in delivering professional indigenous peoples’ medical cannabis industry education and training led by First Nations in support of a “First Nations First” tailored opiate other harmful drugs eradication strategy.

Opiate & Illicit Drugs Eradication Strategy

Canntab Therapeutics is committed to addressing important First Nations – Inuit community next-generation Health Care concerns and needs.

Canntab is further developing healthy alternative solution products within a culturally sensitive strategy that includes a plant-based, grassroots better health plan that supports reducing and eradicating opioids and other dangerous substances that are causing hurt in every community. Canntab healthy alternative solutions provide an essential element to support Indigenous Peoples’ 21st Century Better Living by helping to eradicate opioids and other harmful drugs across Canada, supporting pain-free day-to-day living through Canntab next-generation medical cannabis healthy alternative solutions.

The impact opioid overdoses currently experienced today throughout Canada and within the First Nations-Inuit community calls for all communities to be better prepared to respond to an overdose emergency, where an opiate eradication strategy includes installing pre-care-after-care measures that both minimize the use of harmful drugs and begin to eradicate opioids and other dangerous substances that carry many undesired, unwanted side-effects.

As a corporate friend of the Anishinaabe, Canntab Therapeutics is proud to support a First Nations-led opiate and illicit drugs eradication strategy to serve indigenous peoples’ and all Canadians.

Healing Where it is Needed Most

Did you know the opioid crisis disproportionately impacts First Nations peoples’ ?
• First Nations peoples’ are 2x more likely than non-natives to receive an opioid prescription.
• First Nations peoples’ are 5x more likely to experience an overdose than non-natives.
• First Nations peoples’ have 12x higher EMS responses to opioid-related calls than non-natives.
• First Nations peoples’ are 5x more likely to be hospitalized for opioid poisoning than non-natives.

Canntab Therapeutics is proud to work in collaboration with indigenous leaders toward a “First Nations First” grassroots community better health and wellness strategy that supports the eradication of opiates and other harmful drugs through a coordinated, culturally sensitive, next-generation medical cannabis awareness and education program. Canntab provides a
unique, dignified, and safe method for ordering next-generation patented, proprietary hard pill cannabinoid formulations for 21st Century pain-free better health, inspired by Indigenous Peoples’, patented by Canntab Therapeutics, made available to all Canadians.


Elevation and Enhancement

Instant drug release is the most commonly used release profile for solid hard tablets. It releases the active ingredient immediately when it reaches the stomach, meaning the active drug ingredient gets to you quicker than if you were to take an extended release drug that becomes bioavailable later in the digestive system.

For those patients who require a modest amount of THC, Canntab’s 5:1 CBD and THC formulation will be available in IR tablets.

Reasons to use IR:

  • Fast acting, making the active ingredient available immediately.
  • Short duration for accurate control throughout the day.
  • Avoids unpleasant tastes and potential allergic reactions within the mouth and esophagus.

Instant Release THC 2.5mg, 30/Bottle - $39.95
Instant Release THC 5mg, 30/Bottle - $44.95
Instant Release THC 10mg, 30/Bottle - $59.95
Instant Release CBD 12.5mg, 30/Bottle - $49.95
Instant Release CBD 25mg, 30/Bottle - $59.95
Instant Release CBD 50mg, 30/Bottle - $89.95

All First Nations community members receive an additional 10% off our list price.

EXTENDED-RELEASE - (XR Tablet) | CBD, THC, CBD / THC *Scheduled for release in Q2 of 2022

Calming Comfort

Gradual in onset and lasting in effect, Canntab’s Extended Release (XR) formulation provides an experience that may benefit you over a prolonged period of time, ideal for the treatment of chronic conditions.

For those patients who require a modest amount of THC, Canntab’s 5:1 CBD and THC formulation will be available in XR tablets.

Reasons to use XR:

  • Need for longer action in cases involving ongoing, chronic conditions.
  • Improved compliance. The tablet is taken only once a day, rather than every few hours.
  • Potential cost savings, given the reduced usage.

ORAL DISSOLVING - O.D. Tablet | CBD, THC *Scheduled for release in Q2 of 2022

Relief PLUS

Oral disintegrating tablets (ODT) are specifically designed to dissolve directly in the patient’s mouth, with an onset of action between five and thirty minutes. The pharmacological route of administration is rapid, occurring when the substances diffuse into the bloodstream through tissue under the tongue. This formulation is ideal for those looking to fine grain control over their cannabinoid dosing.

Reasons to Use ODT:

  • This tablet is ideal for patients who have difficulty swallowing and is the optimal method of delivery for some pediatric and senior patients.
  • Water is not typically needed, which is ideal for people who travel frequently.
  • Also useful for patients experiencing nausea and vomiting; or for patients requiring fast-acting relief.
  • There is also the potential for improved compliance because of the ease of use.

Canntab Therapeutics is a publicly listed company, a licensed Health Canada Medical Cannabis company with patented technology and formulations to produce exact dosage solid pills and caplets of CBD and THC with timed release formulations.

Canntab and the Tabobondung family began discussions in late 2021 and shared the vision to support an opiate eradication and reduction strategy with an alternative therapeutic solution. There is an escalating crisis of addiction and with a collaborative effort we can limit the dependencies on opiates and prevent unnecessary outcomes.

Canntab product has therapeutic application for general wellness. Like all cannabinoid products Canntab pills and caplets can help with pain, inflammation, anxiety, sleep, arthritis and many more disease and lifestyle-health issues.

The solid pill , just like Tylenol , is exact dosage not like other forms of cannabis. There is no odour or foul taste like an oil, it is vegan and gluten free and is made with the highest quality full spectrum of the plants incipients. The product also has long stable shelf life.  Taking a Canntab product is like taking any other pharmaceutical or over the counter medication.

As an indigenous community member access to view and order our product is thru this web portal just for you. If you already have a medical prescription you simply send us a copy and if you do not have one we can make an appointment with our licensed nurse practitioner who will briefly and confidentially review your history and needs and recommend the right dosage. Our Nurse fully appreciates the Anishinaabe culture having been a resident nurse on a First Nations community in Northern Ontario.

We currently have THC in 2.5 mg, 5 mg, and 10mg. Our CBD is 12.5 mg, 25 mg and 50 mg. These are now available in Instant Release and will soon be available in an Extended Release format. In early summer of 2022 will launch our Oral  Dissolvable Tablet which melts in seconds and has an even faster absorption rate.

No. You will have access to preferred pricing and customer service when identifying as a First Nations community member. However, you will have to email or fax us a copy of your status card in order to be exempt from HST when purchasing from our online store.

Yes there is preferred pricing from what is regular posted which will automatically be seen on your dedicated portal webpage with our products.

Typically just a couple days with Canada Post. Of course depending on your location it may vary but we ship right across Canada.

At any one time you may order up to your limit as prescribed either on your current medical prescription from your Doctor or as reviewed with our Practitioner.Within the Health Canada guidelines, the special exemptions, indigenous rights and other protocols we are available to discuss larger quantities for longer durations of supply and treatment required. Our CEO and Nurse practitioner will personally handle these requirements.

Simply send us an email ( or call ((416) 458-6491)and our CEO will personally call and understand your needs and then mutually determine the best means to access and receive product.

Yes we can do virtual training sessions for any number of people or we can do on site visits to review like a clinic many patients in a day and train health officials, responsible persons , medical professionals in the community, healers and elders.

Yes we are in constant research and development to enhance our THC and CBD single format offerings and combination format. We also have been tasked by First Nation leaders to address and develop a methadone alternative.

We are in the midst of developing a database of scientific literature relevant to our field of research. In addition, as we move beyond launching our products in Canada, we hope to begin clinical trial.

Additionally, if you have more specific questions, our customer service department can schedule you time with our nurse practitioner.

We are participating in conferences and gatherings across the country in person and by zoom lending our unbiased expertise to speak to the opiate eradication solutions and strategies.

We also are giving back a portion of every order to the community at large for projects and initiatives related as you determine.

Just to know all of us at Canntab are available and sincere in our desire to support and contribute to your health and wellness.

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We are here to help you through the entire process.

Whether you need a medical document, or you already have one, our team of medical professionals are here to help you.  We invite you to share your story with us and talk about your specific needs and health conditions so we can answer any questions you may have.