Important: Canntab is committed to ensuring you have continued access to your medicine during this pandemic. Canntab production operations and supply chain procedures remain active to serve our patients. We employ the highest safety measures at our facilities and through our distribution networks to deliver orders – and we will continue to work closely with mail and courier services to maintain delivery timelines. Changes announced by Canada Post to their services can be found on We are also monitoring developments closely and will update you as conditions evolve.

Quality Assurance

The Best in Medical Cannabis

Canntab’s arrival heralds a new paradigm bringing a truly pharmaceutical approach to quality product development and formulations. By innovating the formulation of medical cannabis into hard tablets and caplets, Canntab brings the convenience people are accustomed to.

In every aspect of our business, we bring a level of rigorous operational control that ensures purity and precision.

Canntab products are a cut above other medical cannabis options – our patented process, which incorporates nanotechnology to increase bioavailability – offers our customers greater control over their medical cannabis experience.


Canntab is well-positioned to dominate the medical cannabis market with a range of tablet and caplet formulations. These formulations will provide doctors and patients with a medical-grade solution not currently available.