Putting the "medical" into medicinal cannabis.

Canntab Therapeutics was founded on April 20, 2016 by pharmaceutical industry professionals who saw an urgent need to add industry rigour and professionalism to the medicinal cannabis market. We are the first company solely dedicated to the research and development of oral dosage therapeutic formulations of cannabis. We started by developing unique, patent pending technology which has resulted in the creation of a range of oral dosage products that effectively treat different ailments by delivering a uniform dosage of medicinal cannabis extract. Each is available in different dosage levels, available in instant and stable extended release.

Simply put, Canntab is a game changer in the medicinal cannabis market.


Advantages of Canntab Therapeutics:

Unlike most cannabis brands, Canntab Therapeutics comes at the medicinal cannabis market from a pharmaceutical perspective, providing the medical community and patients with several advantages:

Canntab Therapeutics products are the first truly medical solution in the medicinal cannabis market.

Our on-going commitment to innovation.

Our dedication to the research and development of innovative new cannabis based therapies doesn’t stop at extended release tablets. We are currently in advanced development of other new formulations and products that continue our mission of putting the “medical” into medicinal cannabis.


These and other products in development and available for international licensing, are part of our on-going dedication to bring new, innovative, pharmaceutical industry standard products to the medicinal cannabis market.

Canntab Therapeutics. The next bigger thing in cannabis.

With a rapidly growing medicinal cannabis market in both Canada and the US, and Canada moving towards full legalization in 2018, the market is estimated to grow 20 times in the next five years. Canntab Therapeutics, with our range of oral dosage products based on our patent-pending technology, is poised to become a leader in the industry.

Founded by people with deep experience in therapeutic drug development, investment management and regulatory law, we are truly putting the “medical” into the medicinal cannabis market. Our extended release tablets are simply a step forward in medicinal cannabis, finally offering the medical community and patients a reliable, professional, medical solution. And that’s just the beginning, as we’re continuing our groundbreaking research and development of new products such as gel capsules, bi-layered tablets, and other exciting new formulations.

All of which makes Canntab one of the best investments in this highly exciting market.


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