Important: Canntab is committed to ensuring you have continued access to your medicine during this pandemic. Canntab production operations and supply chain procedures remain active to serve our patients. We employ the highest safety measures at our facilities and through our distribution networks to deliver orders – and we will continue to work closely with mail and courier services to maintain delivery timelines. Changes announced by Canada Post to their services can be found on We are also monitoring developments closely and will update you as conditions evolve.

Investor Relations

Canntab's Patented, Formulated Products Reinvigorate the Market

In every industry, leaders are bound to emerge.

Canntab’s proprietary formulations include Instant Release, Orally Disintegrating Tablet, and Extended-Release hard tablet and caplets. These are unique from other product offerings in the global marketplace. Canntab aims to support a faster revenue stream as we begin production and distribution, which will also include licensing opportunities.

By enhancing dosage control and offering a variety of products, inappropriate CBD and THC combinations, Canntab’s market appeal is extraordinarily broad. Our vision is not limited to the Canadian marketplace, given the growing international wave of cannabis legalization that continues to accelerate.

Convenient Hard Tablets

Canntab’s range of innovative products is designed to help health care professionals support their patient’s desire to experience the potential of medical cannabis. From CBD-only and THC-only to blended CBD/THC formulations, Canntab offers a familiar format that allows patients to take medical cannabis much the same way they take other medications.

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Canntab was created by a group of professionals whose proficiency in the pharmaceutical sector has inspired a vision for a better world. A world more people can experience the potential of medical cannabis for their health and well-being.