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Canntab Medical Cannabis and Wellness

Alternative and Holistic medicine professionals have a long history of exploring non-pharmaceutical options to help provide symptomatic relief for their patient’s chronic conditions and symptom management. Medical cannabis’ documented history as an early natural medical spanning 3000 years and was integrated as early medicine for many cultures across the globe.

Cannabis has re-emerged as one of the effective alternatives to pharmaceuticals for a variety of conditions.  As holistic medical professionals, you are a valuable resource for education and reassurance when it comes to seeking out the best holistic approach to treat your patient’s symptoms. As many of your patients are seeking alternative and non-pharmaceutical approaches to their wellness-we welcome collaborating with you if your patients could benefit from medical cannabis.

Convenient Hard Tablets

Canntab’s range of innovative products is designed to help health care professionals support their patient’s desire to experience the potential of medical cannabis. From CBD-only and THC-only to blended CBD/THC formulations, Canntab offers a familiar format that allows patients to take medical cannabis much the same way they take other medications.

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While Naturopaths are not legally authorized to issue these a “medical document” for cannabis use, and even making a recommendation for it use is not approved, they can provide guidance and share educational resources with their patients.